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Mt. Huangshan, among China’s famous tourist attractions, lies in the southern province of Anhui. Mt. Huangshan is a famous tea producing area in China and has been well-known for the quality of its green tea since Ming and Qing Dynasties. Huangshan Maofeng is listed as one of the top ten green teas of China. 

Our tea garden is located at the mountain area, far away from cities without any pollution at the juncture of Xiuning in Anhui Province, Kaihua in Zhejiang Province and Wuyuan in Jiangxin Province. The total tea garden area is about 4 million m2. The tea grows slower at this area. The temperatures varying greatly from day to night, warm temperatures, humidity, slightly acidic rich soil, clean air and plenty of rainfall give the tea the most concentrated flavor and mellow taste. 

Eco- friendly methods are implemented. The stable and sustainable development of the tea garden is performed so as to create a pleasant ecological environment of the tea garden.  

1. Solar Trap Lamps - working efficient and environmental friendly l1.jpg
2. Yellow Sticky Traps - as a useful biologic method
3. Relay intercropping – Tea bush and the trees such as Sweet-scented Osmanthus are planted by using relay intercropping to create a multi-dimensional ecological system.
4. Row intercropping-Tea bush and the vegetables such as Honeysuckle are planted by row intercropping l4.jpg
5.Farmers manually weeding  and crltivation-No pesticide and fertilizer l5.jpg
6. Wind-power Electricity Generation – Low carbon emission.

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